Nominations for COW - 16th August - 23rd August
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    Nominations for COW - 16th August - 23rd August

    by Dalzine » Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:41 pm

    Hi All

    This week you will nominate an image posted between noon on the 9th of August and noon on the 16th of August (Inclusive) to this forum that you feel is COW worthy.

    Simply add your nomination to this thread, with a link to the image (or the image itself) and at the end of the week (Sunday) I will create the COW poll from the nominations.

    There are some rules to follow. First of all the image must be new (as in not posted on this forum before) and posted between the above dates. Secondly no Self Nominations, only nominate images from other photographers. There is a date overlap so no nominations of images that were in the previous COW.

    A new rule is that there is now a maximum of two nominations per nominator. You can of course edit your nomination if you change your mind but you must do it before the close of nominations which is 5pm AEST Sundays.

    To help you select by showing the images posted for the week click this link.


    The onus is now on you, the members of this forum, to make the COW fair and equal for all.

    No COW this week due to lack of eligible photos.

    Will build websites for 'L' glass.

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