Lightroom & Smart Objects 3
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    Lightroom & Smart Objects 3

    by Plays with Light » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:41 am

    Part 3, continued...

    9. You want to re-edit some of your Smart Object layer filter settings. It's really easy!

    If you are in Lightroom:
    From Lightroom, choose your image, left click it to select it and make sure you have selected the Tiff and not the original RAW file. Right click and choose edit in Photoshop, select to edit the original ( with no Lightroom edits visible). It will re-open in Photoshop with all your edits in tact and usable. You need to now perform the following step.

    If you are in Photoshop:

    For the layer you want to re-edit, simply double click on the name of the filter you used. In my case it's the wording of "Silver Efex Pro 2." This will take you back into your filter, where you can retweak your image as needed.


    10. Close your image in Photoshop. Make sure you save the changes to your image.


    11. Once you have closed and saved your image from Photoshop, Lightroom updates itself and your edit or re-edit is there waiting for you.
    In the example here, mine is now called "...Edit-2" because I had the original edit from last week.


    Hopefully that was simple enough an explanation to assist someone with this process. The editing is up to you!

    One final thought, for clarification.
    When I go through this process, I have Lightroom open (obviously) and let it open Photoshop for me. I do not close Lightroom until the image is back in there after Photoshop has been finished with.
    Feedback and honest, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

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