Business Card Printing... Special Offer for members
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    Business Card Printing... Special Offer for members

    by TonyH » Tue Nov 06, 2007 2:23 pm

    As a member I can offer you 1000 full colour (4 colour process) front with a black print (Greyscale) on the back for only $129.00 inc GST.

    As a bonus for members I'll give you 250 stickers printed the same as the front of the card for FREE. These will be onto Jacpaper mirror gloss, split back material. They will only be supplied with the printed order.

    Our Business Cards are Quality Offset printed onto a 330gsm high bulk Sovereign Art Board. The card is celloglazed for a mirror coat finish (Fuji archival quality celloglaze). This protects the front surface and adds substantial depth of colour to your printed images. You are still able to write on the reverse of the card using an ink based pen if necessary.

    Artwork or Typesetting would be at an additional cost if we have to do it for you, but I'm sure most members can supply artwork using Photoshop to a high enough standard without too many hassles. We will not charge members file handling fees.

    The business card size is 90x55mm with all files converted to CMYK. Text is best kept 3mm from each border (edge). If the colour or photo for a background goes over the edge (bleeding off) we require the file size to be 94x59mm, but the finished card size will still remain 90x55.

    It is generally advisable to keep the text 3mm away from the edge of the card to avoid the appearance of text falling off the card.

    Please be sure to mention in your email that you are ordering as a member of and I'll also pay the postage anywhere in Australia using Express Post.

    In addition to Business Cards we can produce any form of Offset printing that you may require. Please mention that you are a member here to obtain preferential pricing.

    Any member considering presenting a more professional image should seriously consider a professionally printed set of business cards.

    Should you have any questions PM me your contact details and I'd be happy to contact you.
    PP of Images welcome (as long as you tell me your secrets...)
  • avkomp

    by avkomp » Wed Nov 07, 2007 10:07 am

    there is an other thread here:

    where members who have used tony's services have talked about the cards they have received
  • avkomp

    by avkomp » Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:31 pm

    thought that with all the new members we have had lately,

    and even some older ones who have forgotten

    this could do with a bump.

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