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    Digitalslr Moderators

    by Sir Tristram » Sun May 10, 2009 10:14 am

    Hi, I have been putting this off for some time but I now think its time to bring fresh people into the moderators roles.

    Some of us have been here from the very day the forum opened and those people have my heartfelt thanks in what in the beginning seemed like a never ending shit fight.

    But it has really disappointed me the only one job most of us have is being constantly neglected. And that is the weekly COW nomination. I take the lack of nominations week after week as being a) Your too busy or b) Lack the interest to continue in the Mods role.

    I know you all do this for $0 but if you volunteer for a role you need to either do it or move aside for someone with fresh interest. I will nor will anyone else here think you are "bailing out" if being a Mod here isn't or can't be a small part of your busy lives.

    So what I am after is either a commitment to the role or a PM to let me know to fill the role. Next Saturday I am going to put up a post asking for expressions of interest from people who would like to take on the role of a Mod.

    I'm sorry for this but it would seem the forum is in need of fresh blood/idea's/enthusiasm.


    John Carnell
    John C.

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