q for d600 owners
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    q for d600 owners

    by the_pezman » Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:40 pm

    specifically those using it as a second body or have used and can compare it to a d700. thoughts?

    my d700 was on teetering on the edge of 150k shutter actuations, i had a opportunity to sell it with a more than reasonable offer so i jumped at it. now im a bit lost without a second body and have been looking at the d600. on paper it seems ok compared to the 700, ive had a quick play with one and the compact size will work well as a travel camera. now that nikon has settled down a bit with the flurry of new models it looks like it could be a goer.

    side question, any recommendations for a "everything" lens to go with it for travel? like a 18-200/240/300?? i normally end up taking 3 lenses to cover that range but really am trying to minimise my pack weight!

    thanks! :badgrin: rarararararara
    i got pictures to prove it

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