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Laying down the law
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    Laying down the law

    by Busiboy » Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:18 pm

    Things have gotten out of hand lately and it won't be tolerated, as mods we have more to do than referee squabbles, this IS going to be a friendly and co-operative place. I'm not the forum owner but I know that this place doesn't generate an income and is maintained at the owners cost of time and resources for the benefit of the community. If it gets too hard it will get closed and everyone will lose out.

    Play nice or you won't play.

    If you don't like each other you can friend or foe each other, then you don't have to read what they post.

    You can disagree, argue and debate, but no trolling, no name calling or any other behaviour that would be representative at a preschool.

    If I have to delete or edit more than 3 of your comments BANNING will start to be an easier option and it will be at the moderators discretion ;) You all have a clean slate as of now, but I know who to keep my eyes on.

    Keep the images to 4 per thread, we as moderators got sick of editing posts to reduce the number of pictures, again, if I need to edit more than 3 of your posts banning is an easy option. We let it go at members request as a trial but the number of images per thread now is getting ridiculous.

    Keep the meet and greet threads as text only and each attending member can start their own thread as required.

    Use the photo essay section if you need more than 4 images to tell a story, but it is exactly that, a place to tell a story, no more than 14 images.

    We have the image limits to drive the direction of the forum to quality not quantity. Initially it was those who couldn't get ADSL now it is for those who might be viewing the forum on 3g or 4g connections.

    PLAY NICE or I WILL start BANNING people.
    C&C always welcome

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