the photoshop elements 6 book - for digital photographers
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    the photoshop elements 6 book - for digital photographers

    by Busiboy » Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:58 pm

    Very suitable for newbies to Photoshop - Huge tick

    Well, realising that I was really struggling with my processing and having people have a 'quick' play with my images and doubling the results I achieved, I decided I really needed to edumacate myself in PP. I am slowly learning about the camera as well but time to swithc to the other side for a while.

    Well I bought the book yesterday and already there have been a number of 'OOOoooohhhhh' moments and suddenly this stuff I couldn't work out is easy to do (I'm not good at it yet but I now know what I am doing wrong on a higher level :))

    The book is straight forward and written for people who have little to no idea to those who need the finer points explained.

    42 pages on the Organiser (skipped this bit felt I had it under wraps)

    40 pages on Camera RAW alone - definately helped me fine tune some stuff

    33 pages on resizing and cropping techniques - a really cool way to scale up images in here as well (tested it and created a 882 Meg image that was 1m X 1.3m and 360ppi resolution. It had very good quality too.

    40 pages on colour correction - getting to it

    40 pages - digital camera image problems.

    20 pages - The mask -

    30 pages - Retouching portraits -

    20 pages on cloning

    50 pages - Special effects for photographers -

    20 pages on sharpening

    40 pages - how to show your work (watermarking gallery creation etc) -

    40 pages on creating projects (calendars, slideshows, etc)

    25 pages on printing and colour management.

    Evertything is prefaced with what is trying to be achieved, screen shots and very east to follow steps that not only explain how to, but why to.

    Very happy woudl recomend it to anyone who feels they aren't getting the most out of their photos because of their PP abilities.
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