What's old is new
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    What's old is new

    by Doug » Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:28 pm

    Recently announced an 8mm hybrid video camera made by Kodak.
    http://www.dpreview.com/articles/505308 ... of?slide=7

    Not sure what I think of this one.

    The up side is there might be enough hipsters using this camera to keep enthusiasts of projected 8mm film supplied in film stock for their real 8mm cameras.
    Well that is if they have a non sound on film 8mm camera and Kodac make the cartridges backwards compatible.

    So the camera records onto 8mm film and a digital sensor at the same time, but the digital information gets discarded after it is shown on what is probably a typical 1M dot digital display.

    Sound is recorded separately and can only be synced if you do it yourself to the supplied digital scan of the film.

    So what do you get for your $50-75 out lay on the new 8mm film package ? ( 3mins of film @ 18 fps if it's the same footage as the old cartridge).
    Well you get a digital scan of film to show most likely on the home flat screen with its colour inaccuracies.

    Or you choose to project the developed film for the full effect and the nostalgic clatter of a projector, but no synced sound.
    Kodac had sound on film for 8mm back in 1973.

    Oh and another thing (gets back on high horse)

    The new Fujifilm Xpro2 has a rangefinder style optical viewfinder for that authentic parallax error, but the field of view indicator uses too small an area of the view finder to be practical past 56mm fl lenses.

    But that doesn't matter because it can also be flicked to full through the lens EV.

    You can also add in camera film grain to your jpegs and film look processing.

    The people who drive all this gimmickry probably agonize about carbon foot prints, over a hand crafted beer.

    Then again it could be all good fun and I'm just getting old. :)

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