Looking for Nikkor AFD 35mm f2D, 50mm f1.4D
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    Looking for Nikkor AFD 35mm f2D, 50mm f1.4D

    by Robert » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:41 pm

    hi members,

    All good I got them :)

    I am after some nikon gear, as per title I'm looking for specific, lenses with aperture ring re AFD.

    1. 35mm f2D
    2. 50mm f1.4D

    So if you have some in you gear bag that you no longer use, reply back here or even better send me a pm, so I know instantly someone have replied.

    Once I have the items I will cross it off the list.

    Price will depend on condition, warranty status and inclusions. But most important is optical condition ie no fungus or scratches on glass
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    SB-600 x4

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